Ideal Home Christmas..

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What more can you ask for on a Sunday than to have a mosey round?  Well that’s exactly what I did today at the Ideal Home show at Event City.  After fighting for a space at the Traffic Centre we arrived to a winter wonderland with an array of food, house bits and randomness.  I loved it!

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Southern 11 relaunch…

Southern 11 is an American style easy going restaurant in the Spinningfields area of Manchester City Centre.  If I remember rightly it was one of the first American style eateries before they exploded like Gremlins around town.

After a couple of years I had the pleasure of going to the relaunch of the new Southern 11.

Upon entering the restaurant I had a quick look round to access what had been changed. Gone is the stainless steel and long tables (which I personally liked) it seems to be a warmer almost a shut down fairground theme.  If you get what I mean?!

Taken from their Facebook page as it was so busy on the night.

Taken from their Facebook page as it was so busy on the night.

Probably my favourite thing about the relaunch was the big bear, I wanted to take him home!

2014-10-30 20.24.34

2014-10-30 20.24.07

Drinks were flowing freely and mini samples were given out.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to eat a slider but the tacos, corn bread and chicken wings were pretty tasty.

2014-10-30 20.07.422014-10-30 20.26.50

I look forward to eating here soon