Merry Christmas!

I may be a little late to the party but I hope everyone is having an amazing Christmas, your bellys are full and you glass is always topped up!
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Southern 11 relaunch…

Southern 11 is an American style easy going restaurant in the Spinningfields area of Manchester City Centre.  If I remember rightly it was one of the first American style eateries before they exploded like Gremlins around town.

After a couple of years I had the pleasure of going to the relaunch of the new Southern 11.

Upon entering the restaurant I had a quick look round to access what had been changed. Gone is the stainless steel and long tables (which I personally liked) it seems to be a warmer almost a shut down fairground theme.  If you get what I mean?!

Taken from their Facebook page as it was so busy on the night.

Taken from their Facebook page as it was so busy on the night.

Probably my favourite thing about the relaunch was the big bear, I wanted to take him home!

2014-10-30 20.24.34

2014-10-30 20.24.07

Drinks were flowing freely and mini samples were given out.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to eat a slider but the tacos, corn bread and chicken wings were pretty tasty.

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I look forward to eating here soon


Friday Night Food Fight Review…

Sorry this post took so long but i’ve only just managed to waddle over to my laptop after the amount of food I ate on Friday night.

2014-10-17 20.24.47

As I walked into the Great Northern on Friday night I really didn’t know what to expect.  As you walk around the corner, following the beat of the music was a whole other world.  Food glorious food!

After deciding what to have over a fruity cider (a little expensive at £4.80) I went for the Amy Swinehouse from Piggy Smalls.

2014-10-17 20.34.20

A hotdog in a fantastically light brioche bun with pulled pork.  Wow!  Not something to eat on a first date as I ended up with more round my face than in my mouth!

But I wasn’t finished yet.. after debating for quite a while (why could I not eat it all??) I went for a nachos pie??  No me neither..  Look what I got!!

2014-10-17 21.26.03

Genius!  Nachos in a Doritos bag!  Unfortunately they’d ran out of brisket so pulled pork again for me, oh what a shame.  With fantastic food, fantastic tunes and a great atmosphere.  Same time next week?!

2014-10-17 20.31.47

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Friday Night Food Fight…

Today is the day I am going to stuff my face with all the fabulous food on offer.

Food glorious food!

Food glorious food!

Friday Night Food Fight has gone from strength to strength since starting out in Upper Campfield in Castlefield.  Then came Brownsfield Mill, with a fab outside space for the summer.

Tonight is the launch in Great Northern Warehouse.  A fab space with many hidden treasures.  I can’t wait!

Review to follow, but get yourselves down there tonight.