Manchester Picnic…

Today me and the O/H stumbled across the manchester picnic.  The event is running Friday to Sunday at Piccadilly Gardens with an array of food vendors such as Matilda’s, Fire & Salt BBQ and Piggy Smalls.  There’s also entertainment on such as DJs and singers.  We caught a gent doing a fantastic acoustic set, unfortunately I didn’t catch his name.  The food is fab, good prices and a lovely atmosphere.

Get yourselves down there!


2014-08-30 15.34.13

2014-08-30 15.34.42

My poor attempt at pictures!



Baking my Sister’s wedding cake…

One of the things that has kept me busy over the last few weeks was making my Sister’s wedding cake.  I have never undertaken anything of this size or importance but although a very  stressful time this melted away when I saw the look on her face.  She loved it!!

After much research I decided on a Madeira sponge.  It’s a dense sponge that handles the weight of extra tiers well but keeps moist too.  In the middle i used buttercream and strawberry jam.  Mmmmmm.


Yes I did use all these eggs!

Yes I did use all these eggs!







Don’t forget to grease your tins


Tin is wrapped in a newspaper blanket so the outer cake mix doesn't cook to quickly.

Tin is wrapped in a newspaper blanket so the outer cake mix doesn’t cook to quickly.




Woo hoo!

Woo hoo!

Brought my friend along for the ride!

Brought my friend along for the ride!



Had to get my Sister's poodle on the cake!

Had to get my Sister’s poodle on the cake!


Ignore the mess!

Ignore the mess!


Tired but very proud of our achievement.

Tired but very proud of our achievement.




We had a fantastic time.  My Sis looked like a Princess and the cake went down a treat!



Baby baby baby ohhh.. Shower…

Yesterday my good friend had a baby shower for her impending bundle of joy.  It was a great day for everyone to get together, have a good old gossip and eat cake!

To celebrate the new baby, me and my friend created a cake fit for a little Prince.  It was a great success and there was only a few crumbs left by the end.

2014-05-31 14.48.15








Cake, cake and more cake!

2014-05-31 16.44.55


On the way home we we’re all given favours..


Oh, what could this be?

Oh, what could this be?

2014-06-01 21.01.26

Too cute to eat!

Diet starts on Monday!


Cheesecake.. the result..!

Well, I hadn’t really realised what a massive array of cheesecakes there are!  After looking through various recipes I decided on a traditional New York Vanilla Cheesecake.

Because Cheesecake is so naughty,  my god it’s bad for you!  I decided to choose a ‘healthier’ version.

Here’s the link to the recipoe I used:

Listening to some tunes while baking

Listening to some tunes while baking


I always start by getting out as many ingredients/equipment as possible, it saves on stress and sticky finger marks all over your kitchen!

2014-05-11 20.10.23Ingredients:

For the base

  • 35g butter
  • 85g reduced-fat digestive biscuits, finely crushed

For the filling

  • 2 x 300g/11oz tubs light soft cheese, we used Philadelphia cheese, at room temperature
  • 175g golden caster sugar
  • 3 tbsp cornflour
  • 1½ tsp finely grated lemon zest, preferably using a Microplane grater
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 3 eggs, room temperature, beaten
  • 150g fromage frais

For the topping

  • 25g golden caster sugar
  • 225g punnet blueberries
  • ½ tsp finely grated lime zest
  • 100g fromage frais

Please check the website link for the method…

2014-05-11 20.23.48


Be rude not have a biscuit!

Be rude not have a biscuit!


Pretend it's someone you don't like!

Pretend it’s someone you don’t like!


2014-05-11 20.45.26

2014-05-12 23.08.50



2014-05-13 08.20.16

Birthday candles!


2014-05-13 23.54.50



2014-05-13 23.53.21



It was lovely!!  I was very impressed considering it was my first attempt.  I would definitely recommend this recipe.


Happy Eating!