Benefit they’re Real push-up liner review…

So, I managed to get my little mitts of Benefits new eyeliner just before it goes on sale.





I was very excited to try this little tester as I am an avid fan of eyeliner and use it most days.



After taking it out of the tester packaging I was greeted with a little tube and without any instruction I started to squeeze the top.  A big old blob of eyeliner came out.  After trying again it only seemed to come out of the bottom part of the opening meaning a much less precise application on the eye.


I would say the liner had a gel like consistency but was quite difficult to use and I ended up with quite a think line.


In conclusion I don’t think i’d be forking out for this eyeliner.  It was hard to control, hard to apply and although i’m not sure on the RRP I would much prefer to buy MAC fluidline that I can not fault.


** After a couple of hours of wear the eyeliner has flaked off on my left eye.  I have never had that before!



The Woodland Spa review…

On Saturday a couple of friends and I headed down to the Woodland Spa in Burnley for a nice relaxing day and we were not disappointed.  We chose to partake in the Thermal Experience and afternoon tea purchased through

Upon arriving in reception we were greeted by a friendly member of staff who talked us through the day and showed us to the changing rooms.




The robe, towel and flip flops were waiting for us in the lockers, a nice touch I thought.




Upon entering the Spa we we’re instantly relaxed, the heat and the beautiful aroma made us feel at ease.  We we’re instructed to go to each thermal area in a particular order, this included steam room, sauna even ice bucket showers!  During this time we could relax in the hot tubs both inside and  in the outside area, where a cocktail or wine was served if you so wish!



Fancy a cocktail?

Fancy a cocktail?


After a relaxing morning and early afternoon it was time to stuff out little faces in the bar area upstairs.

My word did we stuff our faces, the afternoon tea is plentiful and delicious.


All for me!




Without a doubt I would go back again to The Woodland Spa.



paid in full     This review was paid for by me and is impartial.

BlueSky Shellac review…

Hello everyone!  I don’t know if you’re fans of shellac but I wanted to do a mini review of my new shellac polish Bluesky light blue no. A101.

Bluesky A101

Bluesky A101

I really love the colour; a lovely summer pastel, very good coverage and super shiny!

The polish has been on for 9 days now and has held up pretty well apart from a small chip on my thumb caused by the removal of a price sticker.. Grrr!!

2014-06-02 23.19.51

Bluesky A101


Here is the colour on the brush.

2014-06-02 23.20.53

I have an array of colours from both CND and Bluesky and I really feel it’s down to the colour as to it’s staying power no matter what brand you’re using.  Unfortunately this means it’s abit of a gamble but for just £5 for a bottle of Bluesky on Ebay you can’t go wrong!


I would definitely advise anyone to get this colour.


If anyone would like a tutorial on how to Shellac your own nails or a list of equipment needed, then please leave a comment below.