Benefit they’re Real push-up liner review…

So, I managed to get my little mitts of Benefits new eyeliner just before it goes on sale.





I was very excited to try this little tester as I am an avid fan of eyeliner and use it most days.



After taking it out of the tester packaging I was greeted with a little tube and without any instruction I started to squeeze the top.  A big old blob of eyeliner came out.  After trying again it only seemed to come out of the bottom part of the opening meaning a much less precise application on the eye.


I would say the liner had a gel like consistency but was quite difficult to use and I ended up with quite a think line.


In conclusion I don’t think i’d be forking out for this eyeliner.  It was hard to control, hard to apply and although i’m not sure on the RRP I would much prefer to buy MAC fluidline that I can not fault.


** After a couple of hours of wear the eyeliner has flaked off on my left eye.  I have never had that before!