Ideal Home Christmas..

2014-11-16 12.34.06

What more can you ask for on a Sunday than to have a mosey round?  Well that’s exactly what I did today at the Ideal Home show at Event City.  After fighting for a space at the Traffic Centre we arrived to a winter wonderland with an array of food, house bits and randomness.  I loved it!

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Friday Night Food Fight Review…

Sorry this post took so long but i’ve only just managed to waddle over to my laptop after the amount of food I ate on Friday night.

2014-10-17 20.24.47

As I walked into the Great Northern on Friday night I really didn’t know what to expect.  As you walk around the corner, following the beat of the music was a whole other world.  Food glorious food!

After deciding what to have over a fruity cider (a little expensive at £4.80) I went for the Amy Swinehouse from Piggy Smalls.

2014-10-17 20.34.20

A hotdog in a fantastically light brioche bun with pulled pork.  Wow!  Not something to eat on a first date as I ended up with more round my face than in my mouth!

But I wasn’t finished yet.. after debating for quite a while (why could I not eat it all??) I went for a nachos pie??  No me neither..  Look what I got!!

2014-10-17 21.26.03

Genius!  Nachos in a Doritos bag!  Unfortunately they’d ran out of brisket so pulled pork again for me, oh what a shame.  With fantastic food, fantastic tunes and a great atmosphere.  Same time next week?!

2014-10-17 20.31.47

2014-10-17 20.26.14


Friday Night Food Fight…

Today is the day I am going to stuff my face with all the fabulous food on offer.

Food glorious food!

Food glorious food!

Friday Night Food Fight has gone from strength to strength since starting out in Upper Campfield in Castlefield.  Then came Brownsfield Mill, with a fab outside space for the summer.

Tonight is the launch in Great Northern Warehouse.  A fab space with many hidden treasures.  I can’t wait!

Review to follow, but get yourselves down there tonight.


Thaikhun Review…

2014-09-24 18.49.57On Wednesday me and the OH celebrated 8 years together.  What better way to celebrate than to eat our bodyweight in Thai food..

The restaurant of choice was Thaikhun the relatively new Thai restaurant from the creators of Thai fine-dining Chaophraya. Thaikhun concentrates on the busling street food of Bangkok which is emulated in its crazy interior.

We started with a Bangkok street platter – 4 in 1 classics such as Chicken and pork skewers, steamed chicken balls, prawn and chicken wontons with various dips.  This was incredibly tasty with great flavours.

2014-09-24 18.58.24

Next was some old faithfuls, Thai green curry, Pad Thai and beef in oyster sauce.  Each dish was wonderful and although we were very full.  Our plates were left squeaky clean.

2014-09-24 19.39.22

2014-09-24 19.15.03

2014-09-24 18.50.09

Although there are a few teething problems, such as a long weight for our main courses and waiters dropping trying to drop off other peoples food/drinks to our table it definitely hasn’t put me off and I will be back again.


paid in full

Manchester Picnic…

Today me and the O/H stumbled across the manchester picnic.  The event is running Friday to Sunday at Piccadilly Gardens with an array of food vendors such as Matilda’s, Fire & Salt BBQ and Piggy Smalls.  There’s also entertainment on such as DJs and singers.  We caught a gent doing a fantastic acoustic set, unfortunately I didn’t catch his name.  The food is fab, good prices and a lovely atmosphere.

Get yourselves down there!


2014-08-30 15.34.13

2014-08-30 15.34.42

My poor attempt at pictures!


Baking my Sister’s wedding cake…

One of the things that has kept me busy over the last few weeks was making my Sister’s wedding cake.  I have never undertaken anything of this size or importance but although a very  stressful time this melted away when I saw the look on her face.  She loved it!!

After much research I decided on a Madeira sponge.  It’s a dense sponge that handles the weight of extra tiers well but keeps moist too.  In the middle i used buttercream and strawberry jam.  Mmmmmm.


Yes I did use all these eggs!

Yes I did use all these eggs!







Don’t forget to grease your tins


Tin is wrapped in a newspaper blanket so the outer cake mix doesn't cook to quickly.

Tin is wrapped in a newspaper blanket so the outer cake mix doesn’t cook to quickly.




Woo hoo!

Woo hoo!

Brought my friend along for the ride!

Brought my friend along for the ride!



Had to get my Sister's poodle on the cake!

Had to get my Sister’s poodle on the cake!


Ignore the mess!

Ignore the mess!


Tired but very proud of our achievement.

Tired but very proud of our achievement.




We had a fantastic time.  My Sis looked like a Princess and the cake went down a treat!