BlueSky Shellac review…

Hello everyone!  I don’t know if you’re fans of shellac but I wanted to do a mini review of my new shellac polish Bluesky light blue no. A101.

Bluesky A101

Bluesky A101

I really love the colour; a lovely summer pastel, very good coverage and super shiny!

The polish has been on for 9 days now and has held up pretty well apart from a small chip on my thumb caused by the removal of a price sticker.. Grrr!!

2014-06-02 23.19.51

Bluesky A101


Here is the colour on the brush.

2014-06-02 23.20.53

I have an array of colours from both CND and Bluesky and I really feel it’s down to the colour as to it’s staying power no matter what brand you’re using.  Unfortunately this means it’s abit of a gamble but for just £5 for a bottle of Bluesky on Ebay you can’t go wrong!


I would definitely advise anyone to get this colour.


If anyone would like a tutorial on how to Shellac your own nails or a list of equipment needed, then please leave a comment below.