BAFTAS 2014 3 days to go…

BAFTAS 2014        With only 3 days to go… 3 days unitl the BAFTAs I have been getting incredibly giddy and excited.  I am in the very capable hands of MAC and Mark Hill for my hair and make up but deciding what to have has been fun but a little stressful!   So 40s waves or hair up?? Hair

And Smokey eye, red lips or both??
Make up

Decisions, decisions!!!



One ITV Regions & Nations News Awards…

So yesterday we got on the train and heading down to the land where the streets are paved with gold for the ITV regions and Nations News awards.


2014-05-10 11.06.27

Starting the day with some bubbles


The event was held at the BFI on Sounthbank.  After a swift entrance we took to our seats and the event began..


2014-05-10 15.51.25



2014-05-10 16.24.54


2014-05-10 18.26.05



2014-05-10 18.26.25



We won best journalist and Best programme.  Not bad hey!!




BAFTA’s 2014…



The BAFTA’s, why would I be mentioning it on my blog I hear you ask?!  Well, that’s because I have been invited!!  We have been nominated in the Best News Category award.  Could this be 3rd time lucky??

I am so excited and have already got “The Dress”.  More details to follow and of course lots of pictures from the night.


Check out their blog for a fab countdown and bits of trivia.