Friday Night Food Fight Review…

Sorry this post took so long but i’ve only just managed to waddle over to my laptop after the amount of food I ate on Friday night.

2014-10-17 20.24.47

As I walked into the Great Northern on Friday night I really didn’t know what to expect.  As you walk around the corner, following the beat of the music was a whole other world.  Food glorious food!

After deciding what to have over a fruity cider (a little expensive at £4.80) I went for the Amy Swinehouse from Piggy Smalls.

2014-10-17 20.34.20

A hotdog in a fantastically light brioche bun with pulled pork.  Wow!  Not something to eat on a first date as I ended up with more round my face than in my mouth!

But I wasn’t finished yet.. after debating for quite a while (why could I not eat it all??) I went for a nachos pie??  No me neither..  Look what I got!!

2014-10-17 21.26.03

Genius!  Nachos in a Doritos bag!  Unfortunately they’d ran out of brisket so pulled pork again for me, oh what a shame.  With fantastic food, fantastic tunes and a great atmosphere.  Same time next week?!

2014-10-17 20.31.47

2014-10-17 20.26.14



Manchester Picnic…

Today me and the O/H stumbled across the manchester picnic.  The event is running Friday to Sunday at Piccadilly Gardens with an array of food vendors such as Matilda’s, Fire & Salt BBQ and Piggy Smalls.  There’s also entertainment on such as DJs and singers.  We caught a gent doing a fantastic acoustic set, unfortunately I didn’t catch his name.  The food is fab, good prices and a lovely atmosphere.

Get yourselves down there!


2014-08-30 15.34.13

2014-08-30 15.34.42

My poor attempt at pictures!


Baking my Sister’s wedding cake…

One of the things that has kept me busy over the last few weeks was making my Sister’s wedding cake.  I have never undertaken anything of this size or importance but although a very  stressful time this melted away when I saw the look on her face.  She loved it!!

After much research I decided on a Madeira sponge.  It’s a dense sponge that handles the weight of extra tiers well but keeps moist too.  In the middle i used buttercream and strawberry jam.  Mmmmmm.


Yes I did use all these eggs!

Yes I did use all these eggs!







Don’t forget to grease your tins


Tin is wrapped in a newspaper blanket so the outer cake mix doesn't cook to quickly.

Tin is wrapped in a newspaper blanket so the outer cake mix doesn’t cook to quickly.




Woo hoo!

Woo hoo!

Brought my friend along for the ride!

Brought my friend along for the ride!



Had to get my Sister's poodle on the cake!

Had to get my Sister’s poodle on the cake!


Ignore the mess!

Ignore the mess!


Tired but very proud of our achievement.

Tired but very proud of our achievement.




We had a fantastic time.  My Sis looked like a Princess and the cake went down a treat!



Happy Manchester Day!!!

In honour of all my fellow Mancunians. Happy Manchester Day.  Have a mint time!

And to all those who are not from his great city then get researching these words and phrases.  You’ll fit right in.




Cuckoo Prestwich…

It’s  4pm on a Saturday and I still have the worst hangover…  It can only mean one thing.  A bloody good night at Cuckoo Prestwich!



The independent bar on Bury New Road has been up and running for quite a few months but i’ve never had the chance to go; until they introduced a new pizza wood burning oven and for one night only the pizzas were half price!

Unfortunately I was that hungry I didn’t take a piccie myself but he’s the Alegro pizza  I ordered taken from their twitter account.


Taken from @cuckooprestwich

Taken from @cuckooprestwich

Although small, it was an incredibly tasty and flavoursome delight with capers and anchovies.

The Gin and tonics weren’t too bad either!

Over all a fantastic addition to the social scene in North Manchester, I can’t wait to go back.




paid in full

Old Granada Studios…


Old Granada Studios.  after it closed it’s doors for the last time as a bona fide Television dream centre in January it really has had a resurgence after Alied london took over.  With the Corrie tour, vintage and food markets and now the ITV World Cup fan park.

I worked at Granada Quay Street for three years until we moved down the road to the shiny new Media City in Salford.  Although it may have been a little tired you could really feel the television magic running through the corridors and studios.  You literally didn’t know who or what you’d bump into day to day!  I tell you if those walls could talk!

I think it’s fantastic that this building has a new chance at life and has not been knocked down like the BBC building on Oxford Road.

Old Granada Studios will be hosting weekly events, this weekend includes the BITE market, vinatge fair and the British Street Food Awards.  Get yourself down there!